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On DetroitHockey.Net's April Fools Joke

Yesterday I went through with the fairly-uninspired April Fools Day joke of having DetroitHockey.Net become “ColoradoHockey.Net” for a few hours, with the site and its Twitter account apparently having been hacked by fans of the Red Wings’ formerly-bitter rivals, the Colorado Avalanche.

The site’s logo changed, as did the name, avatar, and background of the Twitter account.  For a few hours, Tweets seemingly from a (moronic) Avalanche fan went out sporadically.  Then I “got control” back and it was all over.

It’s hardly a new idea but one part of it that was fun was converting the DetroitHockey.Net identity to the fictional ColoradoHockey.Net.


The first change was to swap DH.N’s red for the maroon of the Colorado Avalanche, then the black and gray for the Avalanche’s blue.  The text was a simple switch, though I debated what year to use as a founding date for ColoradoHockey.Net (I went with 2014 because the persona I’d be using was that of an idiot who didn’t have any historical context).  I couldn’t just switch an Old English D for an Old English C as the reason for using that particular letter is its history with Detroit.  For a suitable replacement, I turned to the stylized C of the Colorado state flag, recolored to match the existing elements.

It was a silly little project but I think this comparison is fun.

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4/24/2014 - 1:22 PM

Just saw a guy puking out of the passenger side window of a Lincoln doing 70 down 96. This is going to be a weird day, isn't it?

4/24/2014 - 12:35 PM